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Naruto Shippuden #166 icons

Only after I submitted the Naruto icons with the icon table generator page did I realize I did it with backgrounds instead of my usual formatting... and that's far too much work for me to go back and fix it. So sorry they're weird this time 'round! Also, I got asked a couple of questions a few posts back and didn't answer them right away due to being busy. So I figured I'd add this little tidbit before my post;

» No credit is necessary. It is up to you if you want to credit fanartists or not when I use their works.
» Bases are customizable. You are not required to link back to me if you use my bases for your icons. I'd like to see what you made though if you'd like to share.
» I can try to upload originals per request.

Oh and for what's actually in the post. Derp. I had to split up my original post because it was too large for LiveJournal... oops.

» 104 Naruto Shippuden (Episode #166, of course there's spoilers).

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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vocaloid, & ETC

★ 25 VOCALOID (Rin Kagamine) for Scribbld's FANDOM20IN20.
★ 62 ASSORTED (Endless Frontier, .hack, AION, Gaia Online, Penny-Arcade, Naruto, Samurai X, Makai Kingdom, Disgaea, and Phoenix Wright).

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Naruto, Samurai X, & Lodoss Island

This is a huge post of no real content, I swear. I've been on a simple anime screen cap mood as of lately so there's no text or anything in the main batch. I promised yourfavoriteemo I would make Kenshin icons for him if he provided screencaps and so he did. This is only the first batch, I suspect I'll have a couple more later on as I finish those up. Then I was annoyed with the Lodoss Island icons I made years back and dug out my DVD's to take a bunch more screen caps to make icons with. This is only the first six episodes, so you can expect plenty more of those in the near future too. Because chibi Deed's expressions are too adorable. Finally, there's some Naruto icons I made from one of the recent episodes because ~Rin~ as well as some from an older one. I just tossed those in so it wasn't just the two older series.

Also, since it was Three Weeks for Dreamwidth recently, I had posted icons only on Dreamwidth. I will provide a couple of teasers for those and link to the post where the rest of the icons can be found. There's no need to credit or comment.

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» 08 Naruto (contains 'spoilers' from recent episodes).
» 80 Samurai X
» 39 Lodoss Island

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ANIME/GAME; Code Geass, Naruto, No More Heroes, ETC [101 icons]

▪ 20x Code Geass
▪ 11x No More Heroes
▪ 15x Touhou
▪ 26x Naruto
▪ 29x ETC (Vocaloid, Digimon, Evangelion, Warcraft, Kenshin, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Aion, Inu-Yasha, etc)

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ANIME; Code Geass, Digimon, and Kenshin [99 icons]

I'm not obviously roleplaying a lot of Code Geass what do you mean there's a slight bias in this post? Let's not even begin with how I prefer pink haired Cornelia and red for the uniforms ~

05 - Kenshin
01 - Digimon
93 - Code Geass

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I also posted a lot of random icons I'm not too proud of off site in case you saw something in my user icons that you wanted.
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GAME; Godot / Ema Skye - Ace Attorney [66 icons]

Hi there. My arm sure does hate me a lot these days. So I punish it by making lots of icons at crazy late hours. Finishing off my Ema kick, I did manage to continue with the requests by working on Godot ~ Enjoy.

▪ 26x Ema Skye (PW)
▪ 14x Ema Skye (AJ)
▪ 26x Godot

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Yes... Detective Skye got a ~DIFFERENT~ background because she was the first I did... then I realized I hated it and opted it out for the other two sets of her 8D
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GAME; Franziska von Karma / Ema Skye - Perfect Prosecutor/Ace Attorney [28 icons]

I haven't forgotten about the request character list for Phoenix Wright icons, I've just been having trouble with court-records where I get my sprites. I happened to have Ema Skye ones just laying around though for a friend, so I went to town on them.

This post contains both young Franziska von Karma and Ema Skye from the newest game. It's behind a cut with no teasers in case of people who don't want to be spoiled.

16x Ema Skye
12x Franziska von Karma

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