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icons, Capiche?

An Icon Journal of sorts.

Capiche; Shared Icon Community
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shared graphics community
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Capiche is hinata and yogurt's shared icon community of sorts that was created on October 5th, 2007. Its a public journal as-of-now, so we invite anyone and everyone to use any goodies posted within as long as they play nice and follow rules. We'll post more than just icons; such as fo banners, layout banners, wallpapers, textures, brushes, and every now and then we'll even give you cookies (but only if you're special ♥). If you don't follow the rules or play nice, we'll spork you (automatic b&).

▪ Please comment if you take any icons, comments make us feel special.
▪ Credit either the icon maker or this journal if you want, we don't require it, but we greatly appreciate it.
▪ Do not directlink or hotlink any of our icons, save and upload them to your own servers.
▪ Do not alter or modify any of our icons without direct permission from the maker themselves.
▪ Do not claim anything in this journal as your own when it is not.
▪ Do not request icons if requests are closed, or inquire when we will open requests again.
▪ No flaming, trolling, drama, or being a general jackass, thank you.

Layout credit: fruitstyle

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Hinata is a gamer at heart and because of that, she loves to make icons of all her favorite video games. You can expect most of her posts to be based around them. She also loves to make icons of anime, manga, and the occasional random 4chan image. She's been taking a lot of her own screen caps of games / shows, which she may post in this journal as resources, as well as a few icon making supplies.

Resources / Awards / Entries / Requests

Yogurt generally likes to make colored manga icons, but she's got a broad history of branching out to pretty much iconing anything she can get her greedy little hands on. You'll most likely see manga, anime, games, movies, tv shows/actors, quote icons, 4chan related stuff, and maybe some rock bands as well. She's trying to successfully make her own resources, so bare with her n00bness. Her past journals include icon_junky and her solo icon journal iconsanity.